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Announcment L2EVOKE

Dear community and supporters,

We would like to pronounce some words after all clan beeing banned of and the hard acussations they administration has relase against ICARUS.
This is the first time we are forced to do this after 5 years of gaming in the top servers we played in. Our community Leader Fabio “kMr” Tomas will do it this time personaly.

Dear friends,
For those who dont know me my name is Fabio and I do life in Spain I’m 26 years old and im the owner of two martial arts academys since ive been Muay Thai fighter for
a long part of my life. Also im working for OPEL as manager on the Sales department. My biggest hobby after the martial arts is Lineage 2 and its my real passion nowdays.

First of all about ICARUS is a group of friends that we meet on different servers and established a close friendship during the past years. Its our family and we will not tolerate that incompetente and non-profesional behavior could damage our image like L2Evoke Staff did.

This is the accusation L2Evoke has made public on his website.

So lets go step by step.

Yesterday every single member of our clan, ICARUS main party, NC Const and more people were banned from this server ingame/forum with IP/HWID.

After reading this accusations Im forced to defend every single one of them.

About the RMT (Sales of items for real money) I need to say that with my buisness and job I could buy me what ever I wanted to since I have the luck to have a stable and high income every month and a lot of free time to play. Another core member of Icarus, Slash has its own company in IT field, his income is around $xx,xxx every single month, Serj is a renoumed dentist in his country that also earns a high salary around $x,xxx a month. Kirito is a freelance designer that has great income, he also made our website. In short, the accusation that we are farming the server to buy 5 packs of cigarretes out of the lineage 2 money is RIDICULOUS atleast, not to use other harsh words that can easily offend the evoke staff. Actually on evoke we paid for second class change for maybe 16-17 characters. Do the math, only us the Icarus team, that has only 19 official members, paid 7.5 euros x 17 characters = 127.5 euros. So as you can see money is not our motivation of playing this game. Its all about competition and friendship. If any of my members has do any “RMT” action we will respect administration decision to ban him but this not a reason if you were professional at all or just mature to ban a full clan.

About the acussation of being a group of 10 players with 200 chars in bot-mode you could just try to communicate with me and we would lovley invite you in our teamspeak and you could check that we were a lot of active players. NC is not a clan is a const party of our clan that is playing with us in all servers for exmaple in the previous valhalla and we could have prove it to the adminsitration or just pop in on teamspeak/discord when ever you would like to make your investigation but there was no communication at all not even a try by the Staff to come up with the reallity.

About accused of using hacks this word sounds really agressive since the definition of hack is “to circumvent security and break into (a network, computer, file, etc.), usually with malicious intent: Criminals hacked the bank’s servers yesterday”. Regarding this I can only say that the only stuff we used is a client-sided patch that we are using public in every single server we’ve been playing and always live on streaming and never had any problem. When we realize the community of this server did not like it we stop streaming with it.

And about bot. Nothing much to say of course some of my members maybe did use bot but you are free to punish them since you have rules for fight the bots. And so far I know some of my guys were caught botting and payed the 10€ fee as rules says so I cant still figure out where the problem is.

Im also curious what the real reason of this ban is since the staff is using lies to encover it and not showing any proof of those acussations they have made about us. This actions of the Staff are the most not-professional and unmature at the same time we have ever seen in the last five years in any lineage 2 private server but the most hilarious on all this are they lies they using for justify their actions.

Well nothing more to say. Just have a nice Summer my brothers.
I’ll go smoke now
Have a nice day

ps: I bought my house and all furnitures selling some adena and tallum sets )) LOL
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