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Well everybody knows how much problems and difficulty we had in this server. We started on CriticalStrom side with Exrell and we start dominating the server, but shit happens since Exrell try to betray us or call it just a backstab so we move on to 404 with Probi4ka and RobiNN at the start it was hard but slowly we became again strong and start farming 90% of the Epics. But this was not enought for us since we saw some leak of experience and some bad gameplays, and our goal is to have fun even if we lose or if we win, but always with a good performance no matters what. Also the compromise of this new Ally was not enought since they not regrouped for Sieges (for us very important the Manor control) and not Valakas/Antharas since we farmed some at start of server it looks like they were not needing those epics but still our mentality is always fight even if we dont need those epics no matters what never let enemy free farms . So now Meatboy promiss us some good regroups and better gameplay on next pvps… so we will give it a try and also with this move we hope to balance the server since 404+HS was always above in numbers. Lets see what happens


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