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Summer is over and our core members are back from vacations and we found the correct replaces for Slash/Kirito which leave us due to “real-life troubbles”.
Its time to show who we are in this new server which starts 25 August, 2017 • 190 (UTC -3).
We usually play low-rate servers but this summer we wanted to expand our knowledge in PVP servers and we’ve been trying different servers to find the people we were looking for in order to make our PVP Team as great as our low-rate team is.
It was a rough task but after so many tryouts we are glad to announce that we found the proper players to fit the team we wanted.
With this said, we are looking forward to offer a good game-play and competition.

You can follow our steps in our daily streaming.

We would like to present you the chosen ones of our CP wich will play under BEAST/playmaker commands in

  • kMr main assister , founder and LEADER. (played in CriticalStrom, Smite, future)
  • Pedraforca wich plays mainly OVERLORD. (recruited on x30)
  • Snoozi wich plays mainly DD assister (recruited on L2eu x4)
  • 4fun which plays mainly BISHOP. (recruited on x30)
  • VeGaS which plays BISHOP
  • Codex which plays as main DD and good main assiter. (from L2cold)
  • Restyling which plays BSHOP (recruitied on x4)
  • Badka which plays as DD assister (recruited on euro-pvp x100)
  • CheeQui new guy wich is high motivated and we decided to give him a chance (recruited on
  • Ptr wich plays DD assister will help us in the new adventure too (recruited on euro-pvp)

Waiting for confirmation from other players for full-fill the list. Stay stuned!PS: Soon we will announce our low-rate party wich will play on Gracia final Low-rate x3

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