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Official Announcment : x5 IL – STATUS

Hello , its kMr here!!

My writte english is not the best but I’m trying.
I would like to thank everyone involved on Icarus, without you this wont be possible.
I’m really happy how this club is growing, and not only this also the in-game atmosphere we are creating is awesome, and of course our gameplay 🙂 I’m proud of having you on my side, everyone knows we had several problems at start, with scmmers, toxic players, etc and we never gived up. Today we won Antharas, and its thanks all of you. All our goals are team goals and ill like to give special thanks to , Slash, Deadly, Fandell, Fotaras, Steve, NdL, Twis7ed, Kirito and bandit , beluy, veroni, helisho, imperator, kravin, yagmilightand his guys for make this possible, and working hard since the start. ONE FAMILY, ONE LOVE

Our clan has allredy 3 of the stronges CP’s in this high competition server, apart of some solo players that also has help us 🙂 For the new guys, thank you too I hope in near future you can be part of the core, it up to you guys to show up we can trust you, and that you work for common goals , not individual ones.


att- kMr

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