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ICARUS Beta 0.4V [Weekly Update]

Hello everyone,

During the last month we’ve been working on our current CP to make it as much competitive as possible. It’s going pretty well and we would like to announce that we’re very happy with our progress since the core members are already chosen. All of them has showed the actitude and the compromise a CP needs, and of course a great potential and an amazing synergy which makes our gameplay smooth and clean.

The core is currently composed by:


At the moment we aren’t the best CP but we are working hard to achieve our goals and get on the top CPs level. We gonna keep trying out people in order to make it happen and we wont stop giving our 100% till we manage to do it.

If you feel like you can also be a core part of the CP contact us through Discord

What we offer :

  • Playing in one one of the most dedicated party on L2.
  • Friendly and chill atmosphere full of laughs and generally having a good time while playing lineage together
  • Long term dedication and goals , commiting your time playing with us, you would always know what we are striving for and looking to achieve as a group.
  • We are also good friends with each other, joining us is gaining a new family, we talk to each other all the time on voice com and play other games together etc.

What we except :

  • Good online activity, we expect you to be online for our prime time unless your have warned otherwise. It’s never a problem to miss our prime, as long as you have warned us before. We are all adults here and have real life responsibilities. What we won’t tolerate is waiting full party for someone to show up when he isn’t comming.
  • Be an adult. Most of us are 25+ and some have kids and families. We don’t need extra drama while playing lineage.
  • No disrespectful actions. You win PvP – don’t gloat or insult enemy. You lose PvP – Don’t cry. We pvp many times a day. Sometimes we win, sometimes we might lose. We are not afraid of fightning being vastly outnumbered ot attacking into disadvantageous positions. No matter win or loss, our mentality is always how to improve and do better next time.
  • Be a decent player. We don’t expect you to be god’s given choice, but we expect you to be a decent player willing to improve and strive to be the very best as an individual.

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