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Valhalla-ru status : First month.

Well a month has passed since server started. We have been trought a lot together and never give up after all problems we had at start.
We started on CriticalStorm side and we decided to leave and hopefully have a three side server so we could ensure the long-term duration of this low-rate server.
But after we leaved CS, they allyed with FUTURE to secure all epics from the moment they sing up the alliance. Since this moment everything was even more difficult and we make a great job and win some epics like the epic fight on tezza… but time to time day by day it was even more hard till our alliance decided not to go to Baium…. we were really dissapointed because we dont care about lose or win we only want to fight and dont make it easy for them… we try to help our ally and then on next antharas not even the ally leader was online… we were again a bit upset.. but today was the last hard backstab . Today was really important day.. BAIUM and SIEGES .. we had good chances and we were tryharding and preparing for this day.. but the nightmare started this morning where again our allyleaders were not online for BAIUM and then.. dont even show up to sieges beeing ICARUS the only clan involved on the sieges trying to stop three different castles.. we could hold oren some time.. then we moved to dion and avoid enemys to take it too… we fight in RUNE but they were too much… and all our effords were frustrated….
Its really hard to fight against our enemys since they have more than 8 packs that can be online to any regroup and if ally acts like this it makes much more frustrating… an also see how two sides like CS+Future allied makes everything even worse…

I dont know what is going to happen in next days, I guess CS+FUTURE will break alliance since they will have all the epics they need and have some fun between them.

I’m personally really dissapointed with RobiN and probi4ka.

And be sure ICARUS will stay here for fight till the end because we are here to fight and show up that nothing can make us quit if we are strong on bad circunstances means that we are doing everything what is in our hands… NEVER SURRENDER

Att. kMr

Here our fights in server since start till today.


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